Being introduced to us as a photo-sharing app, Instagram has grown up to become a leading social networking site. The site now allows you to share videos, watch reels, and communicate with text, voice & video calls.

If you rely on Instagram to exchange text with your friends or family members, you may feel the need to take a screenshot now and then. While taking a screenshot on Instagram is easy, have you ever wondered does Instagram notify when you screenshot a post, story, or chat?

You may have reasons to snap a screenshot of a post, story, or chat; what happens when you do that? This article will discuss whether people get notified when you take a screenshot on Instagram.

Does Instagram Notify When You take a Screenshot?

If you also use Snapchat, you may know that the app notifies people when they capture a screenshot. Snapchat is the first photo-sharing app to introduce the feature of screenshot notification.

Soon after implementing the feature, Instagram also added the feature to its app. As a result, Instagram notified users when a follower took a screenshot of their story. However, Instagram removed the feature after receiving backlash from the user.

Does Instagram Notify When taking a screenshot of a Story?

As we have mentioned above, during the initial stage, the Instagram app notified the user when a follower took a screenshot of their story. However, that feature was short-lived and was soon revoked from the app.

Today, Instagram doesn’t notify you when you capture a screenshot of a story. This means you can rely on your phone’s built-in screenshot tool or a screen recorder app to capture a screenshot of an Instagram Story.

However, since Instagram previously notified users when followers captured a screenshot of their story, it’s possible that the Notification policy could change again. So, it’s always best to double-check before capturing a screenshot or recording an Instagram Story.

Does Instagram Notify When taking a screenshot of a Post or Profile?

While scrolling through your Instagram feed, you may see posts you want to take a screenshot of. The same thing can happen with Instagram profiles as well.

You can capture a screenshot of your Instagram profile to save the content information and avoid the inconvenience of looking for it again. In any cases, you will be on the safe side, as Instagram doesn’t notify the user if you take a screenshot of a post or profile.

Regardless of whether it is a picture & video post or a profile, you can capture screenshots without worrying about notifying the user.

Does Instagram Notify When you Screenshot an Instagram Chat?

If you have been an active Instagram user, you may know that two different text messaging options are available on the app. The first is a Disappearing Direct Message, and the other is Regular DM.

On Disappearing DM, you get three options – view once, allow replay, or keep in chat. You can follow our guide to sending disappearing photos/videos on Instagram to know how to send Disappearing DMs.

A screenshot of Disappearing messages will notify the user that you have taken a screenshot. If you take a screenshot of the Disappearing message, a starburst icon will appear beside the message, letting the sender know that you’ve taken a screenshot.

Does Instagram Notify When you Screenshot an Instagram Chat

When it comes to the regular DM, the app won’t notify you if another user takes a screenshot of text, picture, or video. So, you can take a screenshot of regular DM without worrying about the Screenshot notification.

Third-Party Instagram Screenshot Notification Apps

Many Instagram screenshot notification apps are available on third-party app stores claiming to notify you of screenshots. It’s recommended to avoid the use of such apps or services.

Instagram’s API for privacy and security restricts third-party apps and services from revealing if someone has taken a screenshot. So, all those apps that claim to notify you of screenshots were useless.

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So, this guide is about does Instagram Notify when you screenshot a post, story, or chat. Instagram only notifies a user when you take a screenshot of disappearing photos or videos. Apart from the disappearing message, it doesn’t notify users when you capture a screenshot of anything shared on the platform. If you need more help managing Instagram notifications, let us know in the comments below.


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