Well, DU Battery Saver used to be the best Android battery management app. However, it was no longer available on the Google Play Store due to the recent ban of Chinese apps imposed by the Indian Government.

So, if you used to be a DU Battery Saver user, you need to switch to its alternatives. Even if the app is working, it won’t receive any update, and it will stop working after a few days.

As of now, there are plenty of battery saver apps available for Android that can be used instead of DU Battery Saver. Even a few apps like Greenify, Servicely, etc., offers better features than the banned one.

List of 10 Best DU Battery Saver Alternatives For Android

So, here we will share a list of the best DU Battery Saver Alternatives. You can use any of these apps to extend your phone’s battery life.

1. Servicely


Well, it’s an Android app that can put apps and processes into hibernation mode. The app works on rooted Android devices only. After using the app, you will be able to select which apps will be put to sleep.

So, if you have a rooted Android device, and looking for apps to prevent other apps from running in the background, then Servicely might be the best pick for you.

2. Greenify


Well, Greenify is pretty much similar to Servicely when it comes to the features. The Android app helps you to identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation mode.

With this app, you can quickly put apps into hibernation mode. The app works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Apart from that, it also offers a few other battery optimization features.

3. GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor

If you are searching for a powerful battery monitoring app for your Android device, you need to give GSam Battery Monito a try. With this app, you can find apps draining battery life, know about the battery details, etc.

The good thing about GSam Battery Monitor is that it lets you dig deep into how an App uses your battery. You can also set custom time references to see stats over a certain period.

4. Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector

Ever wondered why your phone’s screen doesn’t turn off automatically when it should have? It’s all due to the apps running in the background. The role of the Wakelock Detector is to identify and kill those apps.

The plus point of Wakelock Detector is that it works on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. By detecting the apps responsible for wake lock, you can quickly improve your device’s battery life.

5. Amplify


Well, it’s one of the best open-source battery saver app available on the web. As of now, the app works only on rooted devices. Compared to DU Battery Saver, Amplify offers more features. It can detect battery draining apps, detect wake up and wake locks, etc.

Another best thing about Amplify is that it works on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. If you have a rooted device, you will be able to use the advanced features of the app.

6. AccuBattery


Well, AccuBattery is one of the best and top-rated battery management app available for Android smartphones. It protects battery health, displays battery usage information, and measures battery capacity.

Apart from the battery usage, AccuBattery also shows you battery charging and discharging speed. Overall, it’s one of the best battery saver apps for Android.

7. Brevent


Well, Brevent is pretty much similar to Greenify when it comes to the features. However, it works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. It detects apps that drain the battery life and puts them into hibernation mode.

When it comes to compatibility, Brevent supports Android 6.0 to Android 11. Also, it requires USB debugging or Wireless Debugging to work.

8. Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky Battery Life

Well, Kaspersky Battery Life is one of the best DU Battery Saver alternatives that you can use today. It actively monitors every app that’s running in the background. The app doesn’t do anything on its own; it just shows the hungry apps that need to be stopped manually.

9. KeepClean


KeepClean is a full-fledged Android optimizer app available on the Google Play Store. Millions of users right now use the app to optimize and protect their Android devices.

The app can clean junk files, remove viruses/malware, boost gaming performance, and more. If we talk about the battery saver, KeepClean detects and disables power-consuming apps from the background.

10. Hibernation Manager

Hibernation Manager

Hibernation Manager is a simple app that helps you save battery when you don’t use your Android device. When the screen turns off, the app hibernates your CPU, Settings, and even applications.

In this way, Hibernation Manager leads to better battery life. It also offers you a battery widget to control Hibernation Manager right from the home screen.

So, these are the ten best DU Battery Saver Alternatives that you can use on Android. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. Also, if you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.


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