Facebook is Preparing For a Possible 'War Against Google'
Facebook is Preparing For a Possible 'War Against Google'

InShortViral: Facebook was basically preparing for a kind of war against Google on behalf of Android. Without the support of the Google store, Facebook would have to create a way of updating your app independently.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]acebook was basically preparing for a kind of war against Google on behalf of Android. The company was studying ways to make your app for robot less dependent on the “all-powerful” in case one day this war happen.

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The social network would be wanting to have a few tricks up its sleeve to keep this on Android even without an app available for download from the Play Store. Without the support of the Google store, Facebook would have to create a way of updating your app independently, and still some way to send notifications push for mobile people, mechanism now controlled by a Google API for security reasons.

Facebook is Preparing For a Possible ‘War Against Google’

Outside the store, Facebook would still have to find another way to process payments on the app, and if they did, would have to convince users robot that this new method would be as reliable as Google Wallet.

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This all may seem like a lot of complexes, but considering that Google does not forgive anyone who goes against the terms of publication in the Play Store and that Facebook has some very distorted ideas about the internet, a possible ban of the app is not an impossible thing in the world to happen.

Google has reportedly threatened to remove the social network from the store by the fact that Facebook has automatically installed other apps on your smartphone many users who lowered the main software.

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According to The Information, Facebook has been working on several “Plan B” to tell such a situation, having also done several experiments. The publication also says the company auditioned “a small country for a few days, requiring users to access an external link to download a new version of the Google Play app out.”

The result was somewhat discouraging. While people tried to do what Facebook sent, they could not go all the way. “People have done it, but it was disastrous,” said an anonymous statement in the journal. There are still concerns about the possibility of Google Facebook to start charging for the use of some services and APIs, such as integration with Google Maps. However, this is a very remote possibility, since the creator of Android has more interest in creating a very deep ecosystem around the robot to give room for developers to consider other alternatives.

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And if the war even happen?

If Facebook were actually banned from the Play Store for some reason, the company would need to find a way to be present in the smartphone of people in a simple way how much is downloaded through the store.

Provide download links is rarely effective, as the experiments have already shown. In addition, the company would have to build from scratch a number of elements you use in your app today, but that belong to Google. This would make the app heavier and more complex and difficult to bring a good integration with Android.

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The most possible solution would be to partner with smartphone makers so they already sell handsets with Facebook apps installed at the factory, and the software itself would have an automatic update mechanism.

According to The Information, Facebook does not seem to believe that a ban can happen at any time in the near future but did not rule out the possibility. However, it is interesting to note that social networking is on Google Play and use Google services under the same rules as all other apps store. If a ban happens, the blame would hardly be the creator of Android.