According to the latest reports, recently, the social network giant, of course, Facebook announced that it will start removing the fake news that encourages. The aim of this new aggressive initiative is to offer all its users original and exclusive content only.

Facebook Says It Will Remove Fake News That Encourages Violence

The social network giant Facebook changed some of its privacy & policies, in order to prevent false news to incite hatred circulating on the social network. The new rule of the founder of the Social Network giant Facebook, of course, Mark Zuckerberg will take into account the texts and posts that only rely on photos.

The novelty has no direct link to any political or presidential election, but it may come at a rather troubled time here. As The New York Times said that the new rules respond to what happened in Sri Lanka, where the social network giant Facebook posts originated violent attitudes against Muslims.

In March of this year, the country even blocked access to social networks to try to reverse the situation, which had already resulted in two deaths and at least eight were injured.

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At the time, the social network giant Facebook, Viber and also the most widely used instant messaging application which is owned by the social network giant Facebook, of course, WhatsApp were blocked for a few days. Postings on the site claimed that Muslims were responsible for poisoning food that was delivered or sold, to Buddhists.

According to the CNBC, the network will use its image recognition to detect text in the photos and illustrations that may trigger violent reactions and are based on false news. Not to deduct alone, by far, the social network giant Facebook will work in partnership with local and international organizations to find out if what was published is true or not.

There is still no information on which organizations will help the social network giant Facebook to understand whether the rumor or the news, is true or not.

Moreover, the founder of the Social network giant Facebook, of course, Mark Zuckerberg said that he will not remove posts that are fake news but pose no threat to any group – making it clear that the social network is not intended to stop people from arguing something, even if it is based on lies or manipulated truth.

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This attitude of the social network giant Facebook is not new and has already happened in March this year when the social network giant Facebook began evaluating not only external links but publications shared in images and videos, which are fake news.

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