We all know about the Google+, and the tech giant Google is willing to give another chance to its social network, Google+. As you’ve probably also been surprised to realize that Google Plus has not yet made the definitive closure at this point.

Google Just Added Awesome New Features To Google+

Google is willing to give another chance to its social network, Google+. Yes, you’ve probably also been surprised to realize that Google Plus has not yet made the definitive closure at this point. But not only that, but the guys from California are ready to relaunch this online community that first came out in June 2011.

In order to give it a new boost, Google+ has included some outstanding changes. The most important is that from now on the users themselves will decide actively on the future of this social network through a beta program where they will be the first to learn about the new features. Also Google Plus is including new filters and search options. Precisely the social network and the instant messaging app are resisting the technology giant.

Users will decide the future of Google+

Google+ enthusiasts are in luck for a few days. The company has launched its beta tester program, where users have the opportunity to be an active part of this social network. It was launched last February and for 9 days the inscriptions were open. Now they have reopened it again.

Those interested members can be part of the beta group of testers that Google is seeking. They will play a leading role in being the first to learn about the latest features of this platform, and most importantly, decide the future of Google Plus.

How can I sign up for the Google Plus beta program? To access this program it is necessary only to count an email account and have a profile on this social network (if you do not have it, you can create it in less than a minute). When accessing, it is necessary to fill out a brief questionnaire with questions about how long you have been using this social network, whether navigation is done through the computer or mobile, how you have known this project, which is the function you use most of Google Plus and Reasons that make you part of this program.

Once you have answered the questions, a message will appear and you will have to wait for the Google+ team to accept or not to join this beta testers program.

Google+ looks for a specific profile of users to enter its beta program: to have an active participation in this social network, to make continuous reports and to make feedbacks to improve the quality and the development of the product. That is, committed users willing to give continuous feedback from Google Plus.

While the beta program takes place, Google Plus has been updated with new filters and search options, as they have published on its official blog. It is especially aimed at G Suite users – the Google service that provides a number of Google products with a custom domain name – in order to find the content they are looking for faster and faster.

Here are the highlights of Google+ when it comes to searches:-

  • Suggested Communities searches appear that we may be looking for as well as recent terms we’ve been looking for. All this before users start typing in the search box.
  • Like user types, autocomplete results will be displayed from Themes, Collections, Communities, and People/Pages.

New results filtering on Google+:-

With the new Google+ update we can filter the results in three different ways:

  • Filter by content type using the new tabbed interface of this platform. From the search results page, users can filter content by five categories: “All”, “Publications”, “Communities”, “Collections”, and “People and Pages”.
  • Filter from “Messages”: we have the possibility to classify the results by new/top positions as well as by the source of publication (ours, people we follow or everyone).
  • Restrict search results and start flow to display only the content of our domain. In this way, we will eliminate those contents of pages external to us, especially those of personal contacts. Also Google Plus is working on the ability to switch between showing our content and public content in search suggestions, search results, and Google+ home flow.

These are the first Google+ news that we have seen for the social network image change, and they come to show that the tech giant Google does not forget it, but intends to relaunch it and improve it soon to compete with big ones like Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram etc.

To become a beta tester simply click here.

So, what do you think about this new features of Google+? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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