Google is testing a tool to measure the speed of Internet connection from Google Search, thanks to a partnership with M-Lab, a database performance Internet connections.

Google to show Internet Speeds straight from the Search Results

After, Netflix’s  &  Microsoft’s Bing speed test widget its time for Google to launch its own Speed test. Recently, search giant Google is reported to be implementing the Internet speed into its search result.

So, users can soon be able to check their internet speed or can perform a speed test instantly by just searching some same or related keywords on google like “Check internet speed”, “Internet Speed”, “Speed test” etc.

According to the sources, Measurement Lab (M-Lab) will be doing the actual speed testing. Moz marketing scientist Dr. Pete Meyers shared a screenshot on twitter which clearly shows the Google speed test feature in the search results.

On Google’s support page, Google mentioned that “The test takes about 30 seconds. It figures out your Internet speed by measuring how much data can move through your connection in that time”

Google also mentioned that “The test uses different amounts of data depending on how fast your connection is and where you do the test. For example, a typical test in the U.S. uses 9.4 MB of data, but a test outside the U.S. uses about 4.4 MB. Mobile data charges might apply.”

Google describes three different terms: download speed, upload speed, and latency. The best Internet connections have high download and upload speeds but low latency.

The feature is not yet active, so it remains to be seen how Google’s speed test tool will perform or how accurate it will prove to be. On the other hand, it is not necessary that all test performed by Google becomes reality. Therefore, we have to wait until company plans to roll it out commercially.