Two years ago, Google with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), developed a D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer, which claims to be 100 million times faster than conventional computers; At the same time, outsiders are even dubious regarding the project and its ability; hence, Now Google openly announced the Ability of its Quantum computer.

The D-Wave 2X Quantum computer is being developed and experimented on at U.S. Space Agency ‘Ames Research Centre in Mountain View, California; as per the result of several experiments, Google declared it the world’s most powerful computer ever, which is 100 million faster than the regular computer, it is pretty controversial from the past year about D-Wave System that how they are secret without noticing they developing a giant system for computing the complex physics which could take years to solve but with the help of this new D-Wave System it will take seconds to solve much more complicated and complex problems.

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As per the report from Google, this D-Wave System technology with integrated Quantum computers made it more powerful, and became the first company to commercially available this system later. Google’s Quantum A.I. team announced how the technology and the speedy process the D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer does in the test, in the process of quantum annealing significantly outperforms its classical counterpart, crossed 108 times which is approx 1000,000,000 faster than regular P.C.

Google’s D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer 100 Million Times Faster Than a P.C.

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A researcher at Google said in a comment, “The +Google Quantum A.I. Lab Team has found that for certain hard optimization problems, quantum annealing on the D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer significantly outperforms both simulated annealing and Quantum Monte Carlo, showing a processing time speedup of ~100 Million!” The Google Quantum A.I. team justifies how this new system from D-Wave 2X collaborated with Quantum computers authentically, working in an outstanding performance ever.

One of the representatives explained the fast performance of the Quantum computer; it said that because of advanced technology within the chip D-Wave 2X processor, basically,the  ordinary computer uses bits of either a0 or a 1, but at the time of this giant Quantum computer, it uses both as per the system requirement to performance faster, it is also sure that the computer can individually select one bit at a ti. Still, it can simultaneously use both bits, which will be so-called qubits for perfection.

Mainly, the new D-Wave 2X is composed of NASA and Google, they both will use the system; NASA said it will help them to solve enormous problems of the Spacecraft agency research department in various research in Galaxy and other planets’ artificial workouts. The results of this type of machine make the problem solved quickly; NASA researchers use physics problems at their research center, which take years to solve, but the new home-grown collaboration with Google and NASA made the Quantum computer solve the problem more quickly. Other big multinational companies are also trying to make their quantum computers, helping enormous calculations in projects, such as artificial research or science friction technology.

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Director of Engineering at Google Hartmut Neven said, “We found that for problem instances involving nearly 1000 binary variables, quantum annealing significantly outperforms its classical counterpart, simulated annealing. It is more than 108 times faster than simulated annealing running on a single core,” also said by The Director of Exploration Technology at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, Rupak Biswas, said, “It is a truly disruptive technology that could change how we do everything,”

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“If quantum computing were to work, it is truly a disruptive technology, and it could almost change how we do everything,” Biswas said. “No company would like to be left behind, in some sense.”

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Many industry-level prospectors have said that D-Wave’s claim about its system was overhyped, but they changed their mind soon after the document in PDF Google published. How significant that Google refers to it as a quantum annealing system that will be in contact with Internet giant Google for seven years in supply and research investment with D-Wave.

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The chip from Google Quantum is dipped inside the giant D-Wave Quantum computing machine and is not located in Google headquarters. It’s in NASA Ames Research Center near Google Plex.

However, we have received proof of how they are analyzing the results 100,000,000 times faster than conventional computers; the only evidence we get right now is that D-Wave is justified after the experiment, and hence it is sure that the Quantum computer needs to be more experimented before commercially available.