Hackers Discovers Evidence That US Building Spaceship
Hackers Discovers Evidence That US Building Spaceship

InShortViral: An Interview with one of the NASA employee but some of the question regarding the spaceship and UFOs related question refused to answer and later Gary Mckinnon the hacker explain the fact.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n interview with a hacker named Gary McKinnon is fueling suspicions in the stocks of special warships led by the United States of America. McKinnon is known to have fought a legal battle 10 years against NASA for having allegedly invaded the Agency computers.

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The interview in question took place in RichPlanet TV channel, known for addressing ufology. In case McKinnon said why have not commented on this before “. I was about it for months and months ‘They will close this door,’ I kept thinking,” he said. “I used a program called Landsearch, which can find all files and folders. But I just tried documents. So I found an Excel spreadsheet that was called ‘non-terrestrial authorities”.

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Hackers Discovers Evidence That US Building Spaceship

The hacker said the sheet had several names in rank order. Also, some tabs showed “material transfer” between spacecraft, “and the names of the ships began with USS”.

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The interviewer said that they have contacted Robert Manning an engineer who was ostensibly the chief engineer on the Mars Curiosity program, when asked about technical question regarding the mission from Manning but before answering the question he ran away from the interviewer question when it seemed he could not answer then a firm in the fridge that NASA stands for every street answer.

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The lecture proves with the evidence that curiosity may not be situated on mars and could be in the Canadian Arctic, Another hot connection with NASA who would like to reveal the secrets of NASA Gary McKinnon, the popular hackers who has been arrested for hacking into the system has explained who NASA is working in a different way. McKinnon said, “UFO specifically out when I was and interpret about three years older than the interest in UFOs goes back a long way, My stepfather has a lot on interest in Science friction and from where I have also grown through”

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Gary McKinnon claims that he found a secret document related to the Project by NASA, one of the Disclosure Project witnesses is Hair and she shared secret clearance she was photographic mission long specialists.