You may be familiar with the telecom company Jio if you live in India. JIO, or Reliable Jio Infocomm limited, is a telecom operator in India known for its affordable mobile plans and streaming services.

Reliable Jio has a streaming service called JioTV, which every Jio customer can use. If you are a Jio user but don’t know about JioTV, let me tell you it’s an application that allows Jio customers to view their favorite TV Shows and Movies on their smartphones.

What is JioTV?

JioTV is a video streaming app that is available for Jio users. The video streaming app allows users to view their favorite TV Channels & programs on smartphones and tablets.

What’s more interesting is that Jio users can pause & play a live program or catch-up shows telecast over the last seven days. JioTV is an old app that gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is JioTV free?

Is JioTV Free? This is the question that Jio users often ask before installing the app. If you have an active Jio phone number, you can use JioTV for free.

While the app is free and available for Android and iOS devices, you will need a Jio SIM card to access the app’s content. You will be asked to log in with your JIO phone number to watch the video content.

Jio TV plans

Well, JioTV doesn’t have any plans since it’s a free service. You must ensure that your JIO number is active and can receive SMS.

With a JIO phone number, you can watch JioTV videos for free. This includes Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, and more.

Can I Watch JioTV on PC?

JioTV is an exclusive mobile application available only for Android & iOS users. Since it’s a mobile app, you can’t run it on your PC. Also, JioTV has no web version from which you can watch movies or TV Shows.

Although JioTV is unavailable for PC, you can still run it on your computer with an emulator. This means you can use the JioTV emulator for PC to run the mobile application on PC.

How to download JioTV for PC?

You can’t download JioTV on your Windows computer, but you can install it on your emulator. For example, the BlueStacks emulator for PC can emulate the JioTV app on your PC. Here’s how to download & install JioTV on PC.

1. First of all, download & install the BlueStacks emulator on your Windows PC. Once installed, open the BlueStacks emulator.

BlueStacks emulator

2. Now click the Google Play Store icon on the BlueStacks emulator.

Google Play Store icon

3. On the Google Play Store, search for JioTV and install the app.


4. Once installed, move to the main screen of BlueStacks and double-click on JioTV.


5. Now, you can use the JioTV application on your Windows PC.

run Jiotv on pc

That’s it! This is how you can download & install JioTV on your Windows PC.

Download JioTV for PC using LDPlayer

LDPlayer is another great Android emulator that you can use to download & install JioTV on your PC. Here’s how you can use LDPlayer to run JioTV on PC.

1. Download & install the latest version of LDPlayer on your computer.


2. After downloading it, run the emulator and click on the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

3. Search for the JioTV app on the Google Play Store and open the most relevant app from the search results.

4. Now click the Install button beside JioTV to install the app on LDPlayer.

JioTV app

5. Wait until LDPlayer downloads & installs the JioTV App. Once installed, click on the Open button to open the application.


6. Now, you can access JioTV from your computer. Log in with your phone number and access the videos.

Log in with your phone number

LDPlayer is just another Android emulator like BlueStacks. It’s more optimized than BlueStacks and is compatible with all popular mobile apps & games.

JioTV showing black screen on Emulator

There are certain types of videos on JioTV that you can’t watch due to DRM/Protected content. For example, you can’t play the Live channels on your emulator because they are usually DRM/Protected content.

This is because the DRM-protected content only plays on a device that supports DRM. If your device doesn’t support DRM, you will see a black screen on BlueStacks while using JioTV.

Best Emulators for JioTV

Well, there are no best in the Emulator section. All Android or iOS emulators were the same; hence, if you get a black screen issue, you will get the same on every emulator.

For a better experience, you can use BlueStacks, the best Android emulator for PC. BlueStacks can easily run JioTV on your PC and play non-protected content easily. Alternatively, you can use other Android emulators for PC to run JioTV on a PC.

JioTV For Firestick TV & Chromecast

JioTV is a mobile-exclusive application, and it’s unavailable for any large-screen devices, including Smart TVs.

However, if you have a Firestick or any screen mirroring device, you can mirror JioTV on your phone to the TV.

But the problem is that JioTV would show black screen on the Firestick TV & Chromecast because of DRM/Protected content. Currently, JioTV doesn’t work with any Android TV box or Firestick.

FAQs: JioTV Download for PC

JioTV for PC is a board topic; we can miss important questions. Hence, we manually picked the most asked questions and answered them.

Is JioTV available online?

Users often search for terms like Is JioTV online? JioTV has no web version; it can’t be used on desktop.

JioTV is a mobile-exclusive application, and you can run it only on your smartphone.

JioTV Download for PC

JioTV doesn’t have any official app available for desktop operating systems. Hence, you need to rely on emulators to download JioTV for PC.

Jio TV for PC Login?

You can’t log in to JioTV from your PC or Television. The only thing you can do is to screencast or mirror your phone’s screen to PC. JioTV doesn’t have any desktop app or web version yet.

How to fix JioTV App Black Screen?

A black screen appears while casting JioTV from phone to PC/TV. You may see a black screen when you try to watch DRM/Protected content.

There’s no way to bypass JioTV’s black screen on PC/TV. A few JioTV Mods claim to fix the black screen problem, but they are not legitimate and don’t work.

So, this guide is all about how to download JioTv for PC. The shared method will help you run your PC’s mobile video streaming app. If you need more help running JioTV on Windows, let us know in the comments below.


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