If you still torrent or use P2P file sharing, you may be aware of MagnetDL. The site has been down for a few days now, and nobody knows what happened.

What is MagnetDL?

MagnetDL is possibly the oldest torrent indexing website available today. It was founded in 2012 when the torrenting world was at its peak.

The site served as a search engine that shows files available for download on different torrent websites.

From MagnetDL, one can download torrent content from various categories, such as Games, Software, Music, Movies, and eBooks.

What happened to MagnetDL?

MagnetDL was active in June 2024, but it has been offline for more than seven days.

MagnetDL users who visited the site were greeted with ‘Cloudflare Error 523’. It’s possible that the site is experiencing any SSL or server-side issues, or it’s also possible that it’s banned.

Since we don’t know what happened to the site and it’s now offline, it’s time to look for MagnetDL alternatives.

5 Best MagnetDL Alternatives Available Today

Now that the MagnetDL website is inaccessible in most countries, it’s time to look for alternatives. Below, we have listed some of the best torrent sites and search engines that you can visit instead of MagnetDL.

1. Torrentzeta


Torrentzeta isn’t as famous as the once popular Torrentz, but it shares many similarities with it. First, its user interface looks very identical to Torrentz’s, and second, it’s a full-fledged torrent search engine.

The torrent search engine claims to fetch torrents from 30+ popular websites at once. But, like every other torrent website, Torrentzeta is often down for maintenance.

Even when the site is live and accessible, you must use a VPN to protect your privacy. From the site, you can download all sorts of torrent content you can think of.

2. Bitsearch


We have researched a lot on Reddit and found Bitsearch, the closest MagnetDL alternative available today. It’s a torrent search engine that fetches content from various torrent websites.

The site’s user interface is very clean and shows very few ads. What makes Bitsearch more useful & handy than MagnetDL is that it lets you apply advanced search filters to find the content you’re looking for.

If you don’t know what to download, check out the Trending list on its homepage. Overall, this is a great torrent search engine you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

3. Extranet Torrentbay

Extranet Torrentbay

Extranet Torrentbay is less popular, but it’s a pretty good torrent site you can use, especially when MagnetDL is unavailable.

The site’s homepage is very clean and includes popular torrent categories like movies, TV shows, music, games, books, anime, etc.

You also have the option to search torrents by tags, turn on the dark mode, and more. Actually, Extranet Torrentbay is a top pick for a large group of torrent users on Reddit.

4. Snowfl


At first glance, Snowfl may seem like a cryptocurrency news website, but the actual magic resides on the homepage’s search box.

Entering a term in the search box returns Torrent results from various websites. It’s basically a torrent search engine that shows news on the front page to keep users on the safe site.

There are very few ads on the website, and a VPN is not needed since it’s not banned in any country yet. However, if you don’t want to risk your privacy, connect to a VPN server before accessing Snowfl.

5. qBittorrent


qBitTorrent is a torrent client—true! But it also has a hidden torrent search engine.

You can utilize the search feature of qBittorrent client to find the torrent content available across different sites.

So, basically, qBittorrent is the ultimate solution for searching and downloading torrent files from the internet. It also supports Magnet Links, PEX Protocol, HDT, LSD, etc.

Unable to Access Any of these sites?

If you’re unable to access any of the sites listed in the article, it’s time to connect to a VPN app. It’s possible that the torrent sites are not opening because they are banned by your ISP or in your region.

To avoid such restrictions, you need to use the VPN apps. Also, you need to consider a few things before purchasing a VPN, like whether it has a kill switch, it supports torrenting & P2P, etc.

We have shared a list of best VPNs for Torrenting & P2P; you can pick any of the app from that article to unblock these websites.

These are the few best MagnetDL Alternatives you can visit right now. All sites we have listed are active at the time of writing. Just make sure to use a VPN while accessing these sites. If you want to recommend other sites, drop the URL in the comments.


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