Manually Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems
Manually Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems

Now you can Manually Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems with the 3 different methods that we had discussed below that will be used to repair the corrupted bootloader file. So follow the tutorial to proceed.

If you are the regular user of the Windows PC then you might be knowing about the thing that Windows take some time to load while you switch on the power button and it is the time where the bootloader of Windows work on to load all the Windows sections and execution files. In case if due to some issue the Windows doesn’t just go through the bootloader and shows off the error just at the beginning at the startup then the problem is quite identifiable, there’s the issue with the Windows Bootloader and it needs to be fixed up to get the Windows running normally. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the users of Windows 7 facing any issues with the BootLoader and hence the issues with the startup of the windows could fix these all quickly. If you are also looking for the same method then you are exactly at the right place, the method we have written could prove to be really beneficial for you. You just go and read out the whole article given below so as to know about the method!

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How to Manually Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow some of the simple steps by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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#1 Use the Windows Installation Media or Recovery Partition for the fix

Manually Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems
Manually Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems

If the Windows isn’t loading then the easiest way to fix that instantly is go to the troubleshoot wizard of the computer device by using your particular keys while the startup, most probably the F8 key. Then in the Troubleshoot wizard from the various options just try to fix up the issues regarding the startup of Windows. If you are not able to access the troubleshoot wizard on your device then this could be done by using the Windows Installer disk which would help you take to the recovery wizard for the same options to fix the Bootloader issues.

#2 Let the System Repair by Itself

Manually Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems
Manually Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems

The Windows have the capability to troubleshoot the problems and fix them by it’s own and the same is the case with the Bootloader problems. The Windows have the specially designed troubleshooter for fixing any kind of issues with the startup and this happens to be executed automatically. If you could wait for some time while your Windows isn’t loading and head towards to the recovery wizard then using the troubleshooter could help you access the handling of the issue and try to fix it up. Most probably the issues got easily fixed by the Windows only!

#3 Use the Command prompt to repair Master Boot Record

Manually Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems
Manually Repair Windows Boot Loader Problems

If nothing gets you treat the Bootloader issues then doing the recovery manually could be the best option and for that Command Prompt would be the only option. Using the various commands in the Command Prompt the problems with the Bootloader could be resolved easily. To access the command prompt you need to use the Windows Installation disk and there from the troubleshoot options, the Command Prompt option would be there. The commands that you would need to use for fixing the startup issue of your Windows are given below in the sequence, just use these up:

bootrec /fixmbr

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Hence you have now got about the easy method through which you could be able to fix the issues with the bootloader of windows 7 and repair those problems. This method is very simple to apply as you might have got up, and there is no advanced requirement or settings required for the same. Hope you might have found this method useful on your device if you haven’t yet tried it still then go now and try it up!



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