Let’s have a look at the method for How to Map Network Drive Windows 10 as using that you can easily access your Drive online using the simple method. And also data transfer will be at high speed so that you can avoid any buffering etc while streaming media from that. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]haring a particular folder or disc partition over the network is possible and you know the management of those sections being shared is a tough task. You cannot determine easily amongst the shared folders or the data and this can become difficult. There is a simple way through which this can be solved and it can be done by creating the dedicated drive for those data and folders being shared over the network. This is not possible by default that the things could be set and the drive can be assigned to the network shared data. Some prefer action or the method has to be applied so as to map the network drive on Windows 10. Here in this article, we have listed about that method through which the Network drive can be mapped in Windows 10. If you are interested to know about the method then please go and start to read it through the main section given below in this post. Please read until the end of the page so that you get the total and the exact information about the method. So let’s get started and have a look at the guide that will make it easier for your to locally access the files over the network and you will able to make that either private or public with the inbuilt feature of Windows 10.

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How to Map Network Drive Windows 10

Well, I thought about this implementation when I wanted to stream one of my favorite movies on my PC and there was no possible way by which I was able to transfer that from my PC. But I was having the Local network so I decided to Map the drive over the network so that I can access that on my phone. I researched on this and found the way by which this was going to be easily done. I took around 5 minutes and I was done with that as my Drive was on the network and I was able to access that with the Solid Browser on my android. And also the data transfer speed was high so that I can either copy that movie from the drive or stream that directly. So I thought of writing the guide on that so that my techviral visitors can also get to know this method. Below is step by step guide by which you can easily implement this.

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Steps to Map Network Drive Windows 10:

#1 The very first step to this method is to click on the This PC icon from your PC. This icon could be found easily on the desktop of the device and you just require to open it up. Once it is opened then please skip to the other part of this method.

#2 Through the Panel that opens up or the window that opens up, click on the Computer from the menu breadcrumbs. This option will be provided aside to the File Menu option on the top of the panel.

#3 “Map Network Drive” is the next option for which you have to look forward and then click on it. This is again easy to look after this option on the screen. Just do it up and after that proceed to the next option. Note that this option will be placed below the main menu of the panel in bi icons and you can instantly be able to locate it.

How to Map Network Drive Windows 10
How to Map Network Drive Windows 10

#4 Select the Drive that you wish to use for the Network sharing and then tap over it. Click on the browse button so that you can start up with the path that you can assign or locate the data for the purpose.

How to Map Network Drive Windows 10
How to Map Network Drive Windows 10

#5 Navigate to the folder that is being shared over the network and select it, finalize the selection after confirming it and that’s all.

#6 Now you will be able to browse that drive or say folders over the network.

Accessing Network Drive on Your Android

You can access the shared drive using app either ES Explorer or Solid Explorer. As in these apps you will have the option LAN and when you click on that you will see the shared drives and folders and once you tap on it you will get the Drive and folders. And you can either copy the files from that to your android storage or you can directly stream the media from that.

How to Map Network Drive Windows 10
How to Map Network Drive Windows 10

Eventually, after reading this article, you have got to know about the way through which you can map a network drive on Windows 10. All of the information given in this article is provided in such a way that you can be able to get about the points easily and quickly. Utilize the above-given information for your benefits and if you like the information in this post then please tend to share it with others. Do not forget to share the comments for this post by using the comments box given below. And please also let us know if you want to get any of your favorite topic posted as I’ll write a guide on that and will post just share your ideas in the comment box.


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