According to the latest reports, Mozilla’s Firefox browser won this week a new feature, yes, Mozilla itself just launched a new Firefox extension that promises to prevent the social network giant Facebook from tracking you around the web.

Mozilla’s New Firefox Extension Prevent Facebook From Tracking You

Firefox won this week a new feature that “isolates” Facebook navigation from the rest of its browser usage. The add-on can be downloaded for free in the latest versions of the PC browser and was developed by Mozilla itself in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which is related to the use of user data for targeted advertising purposes.

Facebook Container, as it is called, does exactly what it says it does – it keeps the social network from being isolated from the rest of the browser, allowing it to be used even outside anonymous tabs. The platform, however, is prevented from accessing data such as web usage history, open pages and other resources that would be used for tracking and delivering advertisements.

With the addition, only the use of Facebook itself continues to be delivered as metrics for the social network. Your pages, tweets, comments and everything else will continue to be crawled, but as Mozilla points out, the idea is just that – to contain the reach of the social network about users’ lives to the bare minimum.

Both direct access to the platform and links leading directly to it will be displayed on a blue-edged tab, which sets it apart from the rest of the browser. Meanwhile, in the rest of the web, buttons such as Facebook allows or external content sharing in the social network are no longer displayed, while, behind the scenes, other locking mechanisms come into operation.

It is an alternative, then, to other more drastic measures such as erasing the profile completely, or laborious, like the use of anonymous tabs that require login all the time and end up making the experience difficult. The download is free and activation is done automatically after the add-on is downloaded.

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