According to the latest reports, Onleaks has unveiled a concept video of the all-new iPhone of 2019, of course, iPhone 11. And the video clearly shows that the new iPhone of 2019 will have three rear cameras which were housed in a square shape that does not have the look & feel of what the tech giant Apple features in its iPhones.

VIDEO – Meet The All-New Apple iPhone 11

After the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR now rumors begin to emerge about the new Apple iPhone of 2019. Along with the new iOS 13, the tech giant Apple will also evolve its flagship smartphone with some important features, particularly in the case of the processor and camera.

Although the next iPhones, of course, the iPhones of 2019 are several months away, in September 2019 its presentation may appear, as always happens. However, the fact is that this year we may have three new iPhones according to the well-known media platform, WallStreetJournal.

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However, the most interesting thing about the new iPhones is the rumors that simply suggest the presence of triple camera setup. Something that is circulating from past few weeks, and not only that even a week ago we presented the concept image of iPhone 11 as well. But, now after the image here we found a concept video of iPhone 11, yes, iPhone 11 concept video.

The alignment of new iPhones is expected to effectively count with three new smartphones. The most economical model will maintain the IPS LCD screen just like the iPhone XR. While the top version of the iPhone 11 may present the already-fashioned triple camera as the concept video showing.

Moreover, we also have a standard version of the Apple iPhone 11 equipped with a dual camera. In short, an alignment extremely identical to the current generation presented in September 2018. So now we will see a new conceptual video by designer Waqar Khan in which we can clearly see the bold design of the main, triple camera of iPhone 11.

Apart from all these things we can also point out the presence of a more discreet notch. Something that will undoubtedly be working within Apple in order to maximize the useful area of the front panel of the device.

In 2019 the tech giant Apple will continue to bet on its unlock system through 3D facial recognition, of course, I am talking about the Face ID one of the most secure and effective solutions to unlock iPhone. However, it will force the tech giant Apple to support the TrueDepth module on the front of the devices.

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However, for now, we can only assume the design of iPhone 11 until the tech giant Apple launching the device. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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