Today in this article I will show and tell you about an extraordinary phone which will simply blow your mind, Yes, it may sound quite interesting, but let me tell you that I am talking about a phone which will cost you $400 and can barely do anything.

This Phone Costs $400 And Can Barely Do Anything

It’s no secret: you spend more time than you should and always want to look at the mobile. But what can you do before the new silly box, which is now much smaller and smarter than TV? A breakthrough design, a screen with high resolution, a camera capable of competing with those of photographers, games, apps, lights, music, sound etc. There is no one who can resist!

For this reason, it is not surprising that some people have decided to buy a feature phone, that is, the typical phone only used to make call, SMS messages, alarms, a game and little else.

If you are one of those and you are also nostalgic, then the Nokia 8110 may be the solution for you. But if you like the most distinguished and stately devices, we have a great alternative for you: it is called Light Phone 2 and it is like the iPhone among the feature phones.

Is it because of its minimalist design? Is it because of its lines and materials? Or for the $400 it costs? Yes, you read right: it costs 400 dollars and has no apps or camera to take pictures. Of course, it is divine.

The Light Phone debuted in the market back in 2014 as a telephone for all situations, but with one in particular: simply communicate without distractions. Although in its favour we have to say that it can also serve as a navigator, playlists of musical reproductions, show the time; so it is not so bad. But the 400 dollar is a lot of money for a phone with these characteristics!

We have already said it before: the Light Phone is the iPhone of the feature phone simply because of its design: it is beautiful, minimalist, monochromatic and even uses sans-serif typography.

It is clear that using our phones less is a good idea and that for a long time we have not enjoyed a concert or a field trip without having to share it with our Instagram followers, that’s why this initiative was born: a millennial telephone for the counterrevolution technology from the technology itself.

Of course, if you can not get rid of your beloved smartphone, you can always buy it for situations in which you need minimal communication services, such as holidays.

It is clear that there are cheaper basic phones, but not so original. And with the Light Phone 2, you will achieve as many looks and comments as with the iPhone X at a much better price. But at least you will not be confused with all its functions and you will be at what you have to be.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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