The ultimate guide that will help you to  Setup and Use iTunes Home Sharing and you can easily sync media between your ios devices connected over the network, So follow the tutorial to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the release of iTunes 9, the Apple have introduced the all new feature of Home Sharing in it through which the users would be able to share their Media Library among up to five computers that are connected to the Home Wifi or Ethernet network. The feature could also be used to stream up the media library to an iDevice or Apple TV hence making it much easier to keep in touch with most music on those devices. Now if you are new to this feature then you probably would find it difficult to set it up and hence use it on your devices, there is a particular need for you to know about its functions properly so that you would be able to get most proportion out of it. Here in this article, we have written about the exact method of how you could be able to use the iTunes Home Sharing as well as how it could be easily setup. If you are still curious about how this could be done, then it’s the time for you to read up to this article and hence explore up the whole method that is described well below. So now just go and read up the article!

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How to Setup and Use iTunes Home Sharing

#1 How to Setup iTunes Home Sharing

Before you get to know how to setup the iTunes Home Sharing feature on either the computer device or on Apple TV, you should be aware of the requirements. You should first have to at least two computers on which you need to make up the connection, and after that, you also require an Apple ID. Foremost you should have the latest version of iTunes installed on the device. An active home network should also be there for those devices among which the connection is to be made. If you are going to utilize the iTunes Home Sharing feature on any iDevice, then be sure that it is to be running the iOS 4.3 or later.

On Apple TV:

1. On the Apple TV choose up the Computers Icon or the option and then click on the Yes button to enable up the Home Sharing Feature using the Apple ID.

Setup iTunes Home Sharing
Setup iTunes Home Sharing

2. Now on the next screen that appears on your TV, you would find that the Home Sharing feature has been enabled and your Apple TV would automatically detect up to the computers those are having the Home Share feature enabled with the same Apple ID!

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-> On Computers:

1. First of all, install up to the latest version of the iTunes on your computer. And after that launch it up on your computer.

2. Inside the iTunes go to the File>Home Sharing> Turn On Home Sharing options. On the iTunes version 10.7 or latest one choose up the Advanced>Turn On Home Sharing options from the menu placed right on the above taskbar.

Setup iTunes Home Sharing
Setup iTunes Home Sharing

3. Now you have to enter the Apple ID and Password on right side of the page under the label Enter the Apple ID. Note that Apple ID is used to create up the Home Sharing network and hence it is to be used on every other computer that you wish to connect up.

Setup iTunes Home Sharing
Setup iTunes Home Sharing

4. After all that click on the Turn On Home Sharing button and this would verify your Apple ID and after verification, you would see the another screen where you just have to click on the Done button.

5. Use up the above steps from 1-4 to create and set up the Apple ID on all those computers you wish to connect to the Home Sharing. Remember that you use up the same Apple ID on those devices! The devices that are now linked by using the same Apple ID would be seen in the Shared section.

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To Enable up the Automatic Media Transfer:

1. First of all click on the Settings button that is placed on the lower right side of the page while you are on the Home Share section on the iTunes.

Setup iTunes Home Sharing
Setup iTunes Home Sharing

2. Now on the next screen, you have to select those file types which you wish to enable up to the automatic transfer and just click on the OK button after making your desired selections.

3. This would now set up the iTunes to automatically share your selected media types to all those connected computer devices by that same Apple ID.

Setup iTunes Home Sharing
Setup iTunes Home Sharing

4. Now click on the Show menu that is located at the bottom-left side of the page and then from there select up the option Items, not in my Library. This would be necessary not to let the feature share and duplicate those files that are already on the other devices.’

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After reading up the above method from this article, you might have now got up that method by which you could now be able to setup the iTunes Home Sharing and hence use it up. The article here described the easiest way to do so, and there are no such complexions in the whole procedure which could be difficult to be applied. It’s your turn now to try up the method, in the case of any issues related to the process please comment below as we would love to solve the problems!


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