Let’s have a look at the method to View Webpages Offline in Chrome on Android that will help you to save your internet data and easily access the web pages on your device. So follow the below guide to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all sometimes get sick into issues where the internet connectivity on our device gets changed. Maybe some of you would be owning high-speed network connection. But for the low-speed internet users, they would find it hard to load the web pages perusing important information. They definitely rely upon saving of those important web pages for offline viewing. Now talking about the saving of web pages for offline access, this function is not available in every of the web browsers out there for Android. Most of the popular web browsers do comply this feature, and Chrome is one such popular web browser that rocks in this task. Beginners would find it hard to find if how could they save the web pages for offline access. To help the beginners know about the working and application of this offline saving mode in Chrome browser, we have written up the whole method in this article. If you are the one looking for this method then go ahead to know about it, just read up the whole article!

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How To View Webpages Offline in Chrome on Android

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps To View Webpages Offline in Chrome on Android:

  1. The process is extremely simple, you just need to long press on any of the web page links that you wish to save for offline view. On pressing the link for some time the Chrome will pop up the context menu with some options. Through the pop-up a menu that appears, you will notice that there is an option named Download Link. You have to click on that option.

    View Webpages Offline in Chrome on Android
    View Web pages Offline in Chrome on Android

  2. Download Link option does not download you the link or save it but it saves the related web page for offline view. Right after clicking on the Download Link option, you will be asked for the storage location and few other aspects which you could set up.

    View Webpages Offline in Chrome on Android
    View Web pages Offline in Chrome on Android

  3. Talking about the feature or the Download Link option, it is not only available for the web page URLs but it can be utilized on every article you sort through our any link available on the internet. The prices are straightforward, you need to long press on the links and the option will appear. Saving the articles through the websites can be done by long pressing on the article title from where the Download Link will automatically pop up!

    View Webpages Offline in Chrome on Android
    View Web pages Offline in Chrome on Android

  4. To view up your downloaded or saved web pages on Chrome Browser, go to the new tab page inside the browser and it will show you all your downloads. Simply click on those downloaded or saved pages to view them.
  5. That’s all about saving your web pages using the Chrome browser on Android. Note that the web pages you save could also be accessed through the storage location you have chosen while downloading. Using that web page file you can open the related web page on any other browser too. But meanwhile, you should prefer to use the Chrome browser only for the best view.

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So finally after reading this article you people have got about the method through which the web pages could be saved in local storage using the Chrome browser on Android. We believe that any user who is familiar with the surfing of Android device could easily apply this method. But certainly, if there are users which are complete beginners then this method would look to be difficult for them. By the way, we just hope that the familiar users will not encounter any issues. If they somehow do fall into any trouble regarding the above method then they can contact us through the comments section!


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