WhatsApp has started working on a new Companion mode feature, and its testing has been spotted in the WhatsApp beta for the Android update.

Recently, Meta-owned WhatsApp has officially rolled out some significant features, including the Message Reaction, the ability to share 2GB size files, and an increased limit of Group Members for both iOS and Android.

Last month, WABetaInfo also caught this new Companion mode in beta named “Register Device as Companion,” which is related to linking a new mobile device with the same account, but there were not many details about this.

WhatsApp Would Introduce a New Companion Mode

WhatsApp Might Soon Introduce a Companion Mode
credits: WABetaInfo

According to a report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will introduce a feature named WhatsApp Companion Mode that will allow you to link your same WhatsApp registered account to your secondary mobile device and can use it at the same time. For now, we can say it for mobile.

As per the details mentioned on its screenshot, If you are linking another device that already contains a registered WhatsApp registered account, you will be logged out from that account. All your locally stored data will be erased, including messages and media.

WhatsApp Companion Mode
credits: WABetaInfo

You can currently use your WhatsApp account to link other devices through the WhatsApp browser or desktop apps with the QR code scanning method, but you can’t set up secondary devices that can run the WhatsApp on iOS or Android.

This feature is different than the Multi-devices feature. Besides, WABetaInfo has also detailed that the Companion Mode feature also supports linking to Tablet devices, which users have demanded for a long time. Still, for now, it tried only in Android Tab.

Currently, this feature is only seen in Android Beta, but after some time, maybe in two weeks, it will also be seen in the iOS beta for testing, and like Android Tab, it might also work with iPads.


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