Anonymous with deep sorrow brief the matter in front of his followers, Anonymous declare Cyber War against ISIS to collapse connectivity network and track their group activity in Syria.

At the sorrow time in the world who lost 129 innocent people in Paris after ISIS attack, in the view of all this terror attack, The Hacking Group Anonymous have declared Cyber War against ISIS on 15th of November.

Evil type video posted on YouTube, Anonymous member have said they will launch a biggest cyberwar operation against ISIS, and will clearing off the internet connectivity of overall ISIS connection…, they said “The Biggest Operation Ever, the open warning to the nefarious terror group.

Anonymous Declares CYBERWAR on ISIS After Paris Terror Attack

Anonymous with having their logo as we can say as the trademark, the guy Fawkes mask speaking directly to the world as well as to the terror group ISIS, “Anonymous from all over the world will hurt you down. You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go. “We will launch the biggest and down operation against you every done before”, Anonymous spokesman said.

Anonymous grief for the innocent people died in Paris, they said, “We will not let anyone go without the payback, France people become more stronger than you, France people become outrage for the revenge from entire ISIS network, World is united with France and now it’s a time to wipe it out all ISIS rats”, Anonymous have previously shared activity propaganda of ISIS Twitter account, the list of member in Twitter sharing and inviting people to join, and all this activity have been done soon after France attack Charlie Hebdo.

However with all this mutual killing responsibility have been taken by ISIS who agreed and claimed of the murderer of total 129 innocent people, the world powers have now come together to star war action against ISIS, Russian president Putin have declared war against ISIS and planning to send 150,000 soldiers to Syria to clear up entire ISIS network, meanwhile a massive group of entire France and Europe have come together with tension reached boiling point.

Report have revealed that Terrorists has targeted six different locations in the capital France which include Stade De France where France President Francois Hollande was watching the national team playing the friendly match against Germany. And some more places in Restaurants, just like 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack by Terrorist invade attack.

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After all this attacks, it is quite clear that Terror attacks must be evaluated with war! so after all this Anonymous supported France people with releasing the cyber war against ISIS today itself. In Friday attack after 2 days its a feeling the same sentiments as on that day. One of the attackers have been identified Omar Ismail Mostefai, this terrorist has been identified in Bataclan Concert. where the only massive killing innocent people occur.


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