Let’s have a look at the 2 methods to Activate iPhone Without SIM Card 2019 using the two possible ways by which you can easily activate the iPhone when you don’t have your cellular network sim with by just using the alternative ways that we can use. So have a  look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

iPhone is the best smartphones in the world that run the iOS software platform. The creator of the iPhone has not enabled the users to let use the device without the SIM card being inserted inside it. This is one of the major flaws of the iPhone device. Users of this device might be trying to find the way to overcome the need for inserting the SIM card. There are although no such options inside the iPhone through which the activation only by SIM card can be removed. Fortunately, there is a way to remove the restriction of the iPhone for the SIM inserting. Here in this article, we have written about the method to activate iPhone without SIM card. If anyone of you on this page is interested to know that method then keep on reading until the end. So this is enough for the introduction part of the article, let’s start with the main section of this post!

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How to Activate iPhone Without SIM Card 2019 (2 Methods)

Note- This method in the article is to conflict with the normal settings of the iPhone and if you apply it then there could be calling issues and some other issues may also arise. You can try this method at your own risk! And we have discussed two different ways that you can use to activate your iPhone.  So follow these steps below.

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#1 Method: Using the Emergency Call Option

  1. First of all, make sure your iPhone is turned on.
  2. Now when you are on the “No SIM Card Installed” screen while turning to the device, simply press the Home button to see an option to make an emergency call.

    How to Activate iPhone Without SIM Card
    How to Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

  3. Select the Emergency call option and make a call to 112 or 999, as soon as it dials, press the power button to disconnect the call from going through.iPhone Emergency Call Screen
  4. After all of the above steps, you will now get some pop-ups just click cancel and end the call.
  5. You will see that your iPhone gets activate and you are on iPhone Home screen.

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#2 Method: Activating iPhone without SIM or Wi-Fi using iTunes

  1. First of all download and install the latest version of iTunes from Apple on PC.
  2. Use the iPhone USB data cable that is compatible with your device and then connect your non-activated iPhone to PC.
  3. You will see that iTunes will launch and it will detect your iPhone. If iTunes doesn’t launch automatically you can run it manually.
  4. Select the option “Set up as new iPhone” and tap on the Continue button on iTunes.Simply set up as new iPhone and then proceed to the last step given below.

    How to Activate iPhone Without SIM Card
    How to Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

  5.  Once you have done all of the things right using the above steps you will be redirected to “Sync with iTunes” screen. Click on the “Get Started” option and then “Sync” and wait for sometime until the process completes.

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After reading the whole information on this page you might have got to know about the easiest way to activate the iPhone without any SIM card. The whole information on this page is given in the easiest form so that you can be able to get the most out of it. Hope that you would have liked this post if it is so then please share it with others too. Share your opinions and suggestions regarding this post through using the comments section below. Your indulgence in our post work is our happiness and we wish to convey you the greatest information every time. At last but nevertheless thanks for reading this post!


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