If we look around, we will find that Android is the most used mobile operating system. Android provides users with far more features and customization options than any other mobile operating system. Not just customizations but the app availability is also relatively high on Android mobile OS.

Briefly look at the Google Play Store; you will find apps and games for different purposes. On techviral, we have shared many articles on Android apps like the best utility apps, best sound apps, etc. Today, we are going to cover another interesting topic of Android.

12 Best Spy Apps for Android

Today, we will share a list of the best spy apps for Android that everyone would love to have on their devices. These apps serve a great purpose and can track your other or your kid’s device. So, let’s explore the list.

1) Privacy Dashboard

Privacy Dashboard

Although not a spy app, Privacy Dashboard can help you strengthen the security & privacy of your Android device. This third-party app replicates the functionality of the Privacy Dashboard found in Android.

The Privacy Dashboard shows you a detailed view of permission and app usage. The app arrives with a beautiful interface, which you can use to ensure no unnecessary permissions have been granted to unauthorized apps.

2) GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor is an Android app that helps you monitor mobile data usage, data limits, and WiFi network activity. We have listed GlassWire Data Usage Monitor in the spy app category because it lets you monitor data on your device.

With GlassWire Data Usage Monitor, you can easily detect when a spy app sends data back to its host. This is especially useful for detecting spy apps that can hide from task managers or antivirus apps.

3) Ip Cam Viewer

Ip Cam Viewer

This excellent app lets you remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, traffic cameras, CCTV, or WebCam from an Android device.

You can also get a notification on detecting motion on the device in its new version. This app can automatically start recording whenever it detects motion.

4) Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

This is another best Spy app that one can have on an Android smartphone. This app gets automatically launched whenever you make or receive a call.

It records all the conversations b/w speakers and the surrounding noise of the device in which it is installed.

5) Calculator Vault

Calculator Vault

While Calculator Vault isn’t an app to spy on other users, it will still be counted as a spy app. The app gives you a detective-type feeling with its calculator interface.

On the top, it’s just a fully functional calculator app that you can use to solve equations. However, the calculator has a twist. Entering the password on the calculator interface opens a vault where you can hide your photos, apps, and other file types.

6) Hidden Eye

Hidden Eye

Hidden Eye is one of the best and top-rated Android spy apps you can use today. Once installed, the app automatically captures a photograph of the person who tries to unlock your phone with the wrong password or PIN.

Along with an intruder selfie, you can also set Hidden Eye to play your ringtone whenever a user tries to unlock your phone without your permission. The app is fully compatible with all versions of Android.

7) Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer


It is the only dialer app you’ll ever need with the ability to identify unknown callers and block unwanted calls.

With TrueCaller, you can see names and photos of people calling you, even if they aren’t saved in your phonebook. And know when friends are free to talk, making your calling experience smarter and more delightful.

8) Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device is an Android app that helps you locate your lost or stolen smartphone. It’s something that can help you recover your lost smartphone. The feature comes built-in with most Android devices, but if your phone doesn’t have it, you can install the standalone app.

If your smartphone is lost somewhere, you can use Google Find My Device to play a sound at full volume, even if your device is in silent mode. Apart from that, you can erase all data or lock your lost smartphone via this app.

9) Norton Family parental control

Norton Family parental control

Norton Family Parental Control is an Android app that keeps kids safe online. However, this is nothing sort of a spy app. The app can help you to supervise the online activity.

You can easily keep track of your friends’ sites and what they search for if you install Norton Family Parental control on their phone.

10) mSpy


mSpy is basically a phone tracker app that is designed for parents. The parental control features of mSpy are quite amazing, and it lets you find out what your kid or loved ones are up to on their phone.

The main functionality of mSpy is to remain hidden and monitor every keystroke that has been tapped. You can also check where your loved one has been, read their social media chats, find out who they’ve called, and more.

While mSpy is a useful utility, you must purchase its license to use all its features. Overall, mSpy is a great spy app for Android.

11) Google Family Link

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is basically a parental control app for Android that is of great use. You can use this app to keep track of elderly people.

The app shows the location of your loved one in real time and gives you an option to control the app usage. You even get an option to ring the phone in case of phone theft.

Google Family Link can be used in many different ways; it all comes down to your purpose.

12) Fing – Network Tools

Fing - Network Tools

Fing is a great network monitoring tool for Android. The Android app is already used by over 40 million users across the globe.

It’s a good app for tracking who is connected to your WiFi, checking the internet speed, etc. While this isn’t a full fledged spy app for Android, it still gives you a spy-type feeling.

These are the best Android Spy Apps to convert your Android into a spy device. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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