I am going to show you 6 points that clearly show that Android Marshmallow is the best version of Android now.

The brand-new version of Android that was officially released in late September is already getting fame in the market, So users out there who are still using lollipop or Kitkat might be imagining a brief update, but that is approximately impossible because there are some elected phones out there whom Android is delivering a Marshmallow update.

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6 Features That Show Android Marshmallow Is the Best Version Of Android

The amazing part here is You can get the look of Android Marshmallow by installing some third-party apps which used to implement the skins of android marshmallow, but however, the features are missing. SoI am going to show you 6 vital points that clearly show that Android Marshmallow is winning the race compared to Lollipop.

1) Using Google Now on Just a Tap

6 Features That Shows Android Marshmallow Is Best Version Of Android

Google Now is stimulated on previous versions of android by holding the Home button, One of the distinct apps by Google which helps us to get information about Movies, music etc by holding the home button but in Android Marshmallow, you just have to tap to open Google now. Let’s take an example of movies Google Now will suggest the installed apps to know much information about the movies that you are searching for with just a tap.

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2) Managing The Volumes

Lollipop had already customized its volume setting, but the customizations are confusing to many but if you are using Android Marshmallow then it must not be an issue because it’s much transparent You just have to make your volume to zero and then tap down the side arrow to adjust other volume sections. It comes up with Do Not Disturb facilities by activating this you will no longer hear any calls or SMS & notifications etc.

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3) Extended Google Chrome Features

6 Features That Shows Android Marshmallow Is Best Version Of Android

You will get more features in Google chrome as compared to previous versions of Android, You will get the option to manage password as well as save a password. It comes up with a Custom Chrome Tabs feature with these feature applications can take you to chrome tabs without opening the full app of Google chrome.

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4) Swipe Left For Google Voice

Android Marshmallow made a huge change by customizing the lock screen while swiping left in lock screen you will no longer having access to dialer app it is replaced by Google Voice feature. You don’t need to unlock you phone to get some information from Google just open the Google voice by swiping left and make use of it.

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5) Make Use Of Twelve Mode

Android marshmallow packed up with the most amazing feature that is named as Twelve Mode. This app actually comes to play when your phone is not active for some time. What it does is simply eliminating the background apps and all other things that are eating up the battery life. It will automatically turn off your wifi, Bluetooth GPS etc sharing many similarities to Airplane mode, however, the calls and SMS are still received.

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6) Make Full Use Of Your Most Used Apps

6 Features That Shows Android Marshmallow Is Best Version Of Android

Android Marshmallow had the ability to show the app you used more frequently first. For example, if you are sharing anything very often in facebook and you give facebook the most priority as compared to others like twitter, youtube etc then, Marshmallow will keep Facebook in first priority by showing you the facebook first in Pop-Up share menu. Marshmallow had the abilities to adapt your favorites.

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So these are 6 points which make Android Marshmallow ahead of others android version out there. The intention behind this post is not to disrespect another version but to aware users about some new features that Marshmallow delivers. There are many other features too but i had mentioned the 6 most important features here.