Get connected to selected network to communicate with other users in quite secure way by using the best internet relay chat client on your android phone.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]RC (Internet Relay Chat) is a type of networks that has been used in the past years to connect and communicate with other users. This type of network has been replaced from long time but still many of the users around the globe tend to use this network system. There are some applications available for mobile devices that still use the same type i.e IRC for communicating with other users. Here in this article you will know about various best applications that uses IRC for connecting and communicating with others. These applications can be used on android devices only and not on any other devices. Go ahead and take a look at these apps that are given below.

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Best IRC Clients for Android

Below are some of the best apps that you will surely love to have in your android as with this you can easily communicate with your friends with a cool way. So have a look on all these apps below.

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#1 IRC Cloud

Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android
Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android

App that has a solid working IRC network system, can be used to chat with other users in a very interactive style. The UI of this app is pretty good therefore you will find it easy to use this app. This app can prove really beneficial for the users those who are on slow internet connections,  the flow of your communication will not be restricted even if your network speed stutters.

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#2 YAAIC(Yet Another Android IRC Client)

Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android
Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android

You might have heard of many extremely light weighing applications that would be less than 2MB but this app is much lighter than all those. This app is much smaller than 1MB and there can be used with low end Android devices easily. You can use graphical smileys too while chatting through this app. This app has only dark theme therefore it could be difficult for some users to use it at daytime.

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#3 Hermes Material IRC

Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android
Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android

This is really a well built application that also performs really good. You get several features that make this app really good choice for the extensive users. The only downside of this app that will expel you also from using it is that there are random ads always floating on this app which could feel annoying. Apart from all that you get this app totally free of cost and therefore you can have a try on it.

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#4 AndChat

Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android
Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android

Most popular IRC client that has got for more than half million downloads on the google play store, therefore many of the people are using this app. This app works really good with the conversations that you make while chatting hence you doesn’t get any lag while chatting. Although this app has not been updated for more than two years but still it works fine for most of the cases.

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#5 Holo IRC

Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android
Best IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Clients for Android

This app follows the Android jellybean and kitkat style therefore you might not feel it very old. Using this app is really simple and you can use it now also and you might not feel any flaws related to the one’s that are out now a days. Chatting through this app is a great fun as you will not have to spend a lot of data while communicating with other users. There are no ads or in app purchases and this app is also available at free of cost.

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So above are the best android IRC apps although there might be many more available on the internet but because of they use the past years technology for communicating, many of the users resist to use them. But believe me these apps work more smoothly like other chatting application that you would find. Go and have a try on these, maybe you could make your mind to use the one for full time.


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