How to Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh (All Major Browsers)
How to Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh (All Major Browsers)

Let’s have a look at the method for How to Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh (All Major Browsers) using the simple and easy trick that will help you to secure your saved data on the web page that get vanished when it is auto refresh and also you can perform some static functions on the page. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he web browsers nowadays are fully filled with an amazing number of functions and features that makes using them really easier. Anyone using the advanced browsers of this date can compare it with those of past, the web pages loaded in static mode and after that, no changes happened to those. But in the advanced web browsers of the date, the web pages loaded one will repeat on getting the new updates and show new things on the screen like videos and pop-ups. This is because of the Auto-refresh feature available in all of the major web browsers. For the sake of easier browsing and cleaner browsing experience, users might like to disable the auto-refresh feature. Here in this article, we have written about the method by which the web page auto refresh mode or the function can be disabled on almost every major browser. If you are interested in reading about this information or find it helpful for your usage then please read it down. All of the proper information is provided in the main section of this post as is given below, remember to read till the end of the page so that you get the whole knowledge regarding the topic. So, let’s get started!

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How to Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh (All Major Browsers)

Actually, I got some messages on our page that how we can secure the data being lost in the chrome fields as sometimes you accidentally closed the page and sometimes it gets auto-refreshed. So I published one article on saving the data entered in the fields and now I thought of writing the guide to stop the webpage auto reload so that there should not be any data loss. I researched over the Internet and got lots of easy ways by which this can be done but I was looking for the best ones and finally, I got some ways that we can use for all the browsers. And now I’m explaining all of them so that you can stop this auto-reload on all the major browsers. So follow the below steps to proceed.

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On Google Chrome:

It is very simple and straight to get the auto to reload off on the Google Chrome. There is an extension or the Add-on available for the Chrome browser to set the web page auto-refresh disabled. The name of that extension is Auto Refresh Blocker and it could be found easily on the extensions search page inside the browser. Just install this up and thereafter set the option enabled inside the extension so as to get it working. That’s all.

How to Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh (All Major Browsers)
How to Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh (All Major Browsers)

On Firefox:

Here we will be not using any extension as there is one inbuilt feature that can be used. First of all type and search for the “about: config” inside the browser by filling it in the address bar. This will take to another page where there will be a pop up asking to Take Any Risk, you need to accept that. Look for the preference named “accessibility.blockautorefresh” from the list and then right-click over that. There will be some options appearing as the list on the screen, select the Toggle option and then set it to True rather than False. This change will block the Auto Refresh on the Firefox browser. Remember that this option is revertable!

How to Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh (All Major Browsers)
How to Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh (All Major Browsers)

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Internet Explorer:

First of all, open up the browser and then in the internet properties go to the- “Custom tab -> Custom level” and from there scroll and find the option named “Allow META REFRESH.” Disable this option and the Auto Refresh for the browser will also be disabled.

How to Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh (All Major Browsers)
How to Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh (All Major Browsers)

Edge Browser:

There is no way out to disable the Auto-Refresh on the Edge browser. Nor by the extensions and not even by the options from the settings. So, if you are using this browser then better neglect to find for disabling the Auto Refresh inside it.

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Finally, after reading this article, you have got to know about the method through which the web page auto-refresh can be disabled on almost all of the major web browser that could be found right now. All of the information given here is written in such a way that anyone can get about the important aspects easily. Hope that you might be liking the information given in this article if it is so then please try to share it with others too. Also, share your suggestions and opinions regarding this content by using the comments section below. Your indulgence in our work is really grateful to us, keep supporting us and we would be always coming up with all new amazing information. At last but nevertheless, thanks for reading this post! And if you have any topic in the mind that you want us to write then please share with us so that we can work on it for you.


  1. I use Firefox and Waterfox (my reasons for both). This procedure is shown on several websites. It does NOT work. Foxnews, Daily Mail, Drudge Report, Le Figaro, and many others still refresh. It is extremely annoying in that they always default back to the top of the page or do not completely reload.

  2. I have the same problem. For years I’ve been trying to stop FoxNews from refreshing. All the internet searches say the same thing you do, but it doesn’t work. Is there a solution? Thx.


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