Today we will explore the trick on How to Fix Google Play Store Error 49; We have compiled 5 easy tricks that will surely solve error 498 problems in Google Play Store.

I’m going to share How to Fix Google Play Store Error 498. This error is the issue regarding connectivity to the server. Are you encountering an error 498 on Google Play Store while downloading an app? If ye,s then make a solution for it. In this assignment, I will tell you the 5 ways to resolve this Play Store 498 error.

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This error occurs when there is anything wrong with your cache files, your Gmail account services, updates in Google Play Services, and many more. This error also occurs when the play store receives no steady internet connection. In this post, I will tell you that 5 tweaks will remove this 498 error, and you can easily download your file on Google Play Store. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 498

Major Cause Of 498 Error In Playstore

As I already explained, many causes lead to this error, but the primary reason is given below.

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  • Cache Partition:- When your cache partition is less than the file needed size, then this 498 error occurs.

For ex: – If your cache partition is 45Mb and you are attempting to download a file of 50Mb, then this failure will happen.

  • Google server issue:- Sometimes, app servers have a problem. That is, they might be under maintenance. So, in that case, wait a while and try to re-download it.

How To Fix Error 498 In Google Play Store

1) Use wifi To Download The App

Sometimes there are issues with ISP, which leads to this error. Try downloading the app over the wifi. Because often the download is limited to some apps, ISP is used to block the downloads. So generally, Error 498 will be automatically solved if you are using wifi to download an app from Google Play Store

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2) Clearing the Cache

Caching permits the saving of temporary data to support faster access when needed. Caches are stored for every error. It should be cleaned from time to time; otherwise, it can create a problem like this error.

To clear cache, go to Settings->Apps-> Google Play Store->Clear Data and Clear Cache. This way, all the Google Play store cache will be removed. And this error will presumably be fixed.

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3) Downloading File Using PC

Open Google Play Store in the computer browser, search for the app you want to download, and click on install. This app will automatically get downloaded to your android once you connect your phone to the internet.

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Note: You need to select your desired handset for installing any app google play store. Or it might get installed in your old or unused smartphone.

4) Changing Or Adding New Play Store Account

If the above methods don’t work, add a new Gmail account in your Google Play Store to Fix this 498 Error. The reason for creating and adding the new account in the Play store is that your old account might be infected with some bugs preventing any app from being downloaded.

For adding new account you just have to go Settings -> Accounts -> Add New Account -> Click on Google -> Next -> Enter email -> Done.

5) Uninstall & Reinstalling Google Play Store

If all the above methods are not working, then an error must be due to some Google Play Store app. To Fix it, just, Uninstall the App and then reinstall it. But this method will only work in rooted Androids. But this will remove your Google Play Store Error 498.

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This method will unquestionably work for you and will fix the error. You can easily download your favorite apps on your Android phone. Tell Us which way helps you to resolve this error. And Don’t forget to share the post.


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