Learn How to Get Bluetooth Device Battery Level on Android using the simple android app that will help you to implement this. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Gadgets are something that almost everyone loves to use with their computing devices or the smartphone devices as these adds the extra functionality to these devices. Now there is a number of ways by which the gadgets or the devices could be attached to the smartphones and PC. This could be from the USB, data cable, Wifi or the Bluetooth. The wired connected devices are easy to work as the power is supplied through the connection with the other device while for the wireless devices they have their own power source. Bluetooth devices connected to the smartphones most of the times are operated on their own battery, and one of the main flaws that these devices avail are the lack of indicators for the power levels over them. This becomes difficult for the users to know how long would the Bluetooth device operate after charging. This is a really great issue for the Bluetooth operated devices with no power indicators, but worry not if you own the Android device and you make the connection over it. Android device has the ability to wirelessly recognize and show the battery levels of the Bluetooth devices attached to them. Carry on reading this article as we have scripted below the whole info regarding the method to get the Bluetooth device battery level on the Android and hence get notified related to the low device power everytime you are running it through the Bluetooth. If you have the interest to know all about this topic then you should note that you won’t be able to find the clear-cut information anywhere else than this particular post. Please take a tour of this and you will find it useful. Don’t forget to tell us about the post at the end after reading it all!

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How to Get Bluetooth Device Battery Level on Android

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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#1 First step to begin up with the method to check the battery level on the Android for Bluetooth devices is you have to download and install the BatON app. This app could be found at this link so please grab this particular app and hence proceed to the next steps.

#2 Now go on and connect your Bluetooth device to the Android and startup using it as normal. The easiest part of this method is that you just need to open up the BatON app on your device and it shall provide you with the whole battery level indications. What is important in this part is that you would be getting the battery level of the Bluetooth device but it won’t be updated every time over the app. Settings are mandatory to grasp this functionality for the app which we have explained in the next steps.

Get Bluetooth Device Battery Level on Android
Get Bluetooth Device Battery Level on Android

#3 Click on the three dots menu of the BatON app and then open up the settings screen. Now simply click on the Auto Measure option and set it up for the app that hence makes it redisplay the accurate levels of the battery on the Bluetooth device. You would also be seeing the option of setting the frequency for the auto measure function, tap on the corresponding option and make it finalized. Save the settings all after that and then close down the app. That’s all! You would be getting the indication of the battery level of any Bluetooth device connected to the device!

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At last, out of this article or the post, we have presented you with whole information and the details regarding the way to enable the option through which you could be able to get the Bluetooth device battery level on the Android device right without using any extensive actions. This method does not require any extensive and complex actions to be done but you would only have to follow some simple steps, so every one of you would be able to process it. To our best, we have tried to provide you the easiest way for the same process and we hope you would also appreciate that also share this post with other users so that they would also know about it. Ending with the last line now we would request you to share your valuable opinions and suggestions to this post through using the comments section below, your indulgence is all that we need!


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