Google's First Foldable Pixel Series Smartphone is Now Delayed Again
Image Credits: Waqar Khan

After a massive demand for foldable smartphones, many companies produce their foldable products, and the tech giant Google is also reportedly making its “Pixel Foldable,” but now it is delayed.

Previously, Google is also rolling out a new feature for Google TV in the upcoming days that allows users to create different profiles on the same device as other OTT platforms.

We have been waiting for Google’s foldable smartphone, which might be branded in the Pixel series, for two years. Currently, it is unclear about its specifications and display size.

Google “Pixel Foldable” is Now Delayed Again

Google "Pixel Foldable" is Now Delayed Again
Image Credits: Waqar Khan

As rumors suggested, Pixel Foldable might get an announcement at Google I/O 2022. Still, it was just a broken expectation, and also some speculations can be declined with the latest suggestions about one year more Delay.

According to the reliable Ross Young’s tweet, The Google Pixel Foldable is now delayed until next spring season, so we will be able to see its details or launch in 2023, which means between April and June.

As recently, Ross Young’s suggested its display details with a match of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Ross also stated it might launch in Q4 of 2022 alongside the Pixel 7 series, but now it goes to next year, so we have to wait a little longer.

But his rumors about the Pixel 7 series were so accurate, but now we can assume it to launch with Google’s newly announced Pixel Tablet, which will launch next year.

And its specifications are said to be highly matched with the Foldable market dominator Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4. Still, we can assume it to be powered by Google’s Tensor chip.

While also past claims by Ross suggested Samsung stands on the expectation to supply the foldable display to Google for the first Pixel Foldable. For moving forward, its specs are still a mystery for us.


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