Keep Your Kid's Videos Out of Your Youtube History

Learn how to Keep Your Kids Videos Out of Your Youtube History using the two different ways that will allow you to keep the history separate from the kids videos history, So follow the tutorial to proceed.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou might be using up the smartphone or any other smart device like Android, laptop or tablet that your kids’ would be keen to play with and under the counter pressure by the children you would sometimes give away your device for usage. While the usage of the instrument the kids would go to the youtube and search for their favorite games or cartoons videos. Now the youtube stores all those searches as history and hence gives you with the suggested videos and results on the next time usage all based on that history. This could be rumbling experience while if you start to use the youtube on your device after the usage by the children as the whole of the Kids’ videos start to flow as suggestions. This now needs you to settle your youtube to remove all those kid’s videos and get up the well-defined experience of youtube back.This article has been written for the purpose of explaining you the method by which you could try to make your device all clean of all those junk history and search suggestions that come above as the result of your kids’ usage and the whole method thereby is written below here. Simply read up the ways written in the article and hence apply those up!

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How to Keep Your Kids Videos Out of Your Youtube History

The methods are very simple and easy, and you just need to proceed with the below-discussed way to implement this.

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#1 Clear Away the Youtube History or Stop the Youtube Track the History

The best way to prevent the youtube mess around with all those searches that your child have made while the usage is just removed up to the history. To avoid the youtube track up the history so that the process of removing history won’t be required every time your child uses up the youtube could also be another great option. To delete up the Youtube history go to the Youtube homepage and then click on the three slashes placed next to the youtube logo. This would open up the drop down box from where you have to look forward to the History option and click on it.

Keep Your Kid's Videos Out of Your Youtube History
Keep Your Kid’s Videos Out of Your Youtube History

The watch History page would then open up on your screen; the whole history could be deleted by clicking on the Clear Whole Watch History button placed in the upper right. There would be another button labeled Pause Watch History, click on it to pause the youtube history tracking!

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#2 Use Youtube Kids App

The most versatile option to deal with the youtube history is the Youtube Kids app. This app makes it the instant but forever lasting effect to keep up the youtube applicable for the kids. What this app does is it just does not save the history for any youtube searches and with so many other options like parental control, content specifying, etc. this makes it the great option for the kids. They could use the app and for all your youtube works you could prefer to go for your favorite youtube app on the device!

Keep Your Kid's Videos Out of Your Youtube History
Keep Your Kid’s Videos Out of Your Youtube History

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So this was all about the ways by which anyone could make away all those phobias from the search suggestions or the history results of youtube which were the product of the kids’ random usage. These ways as written above are not compiled of too many procedures but consist of some quick solutions for making youtube clear from kids’ videos. Hope you would like up the ways, we would like to get your indulgence about the article in the comments! The techviral team will be always there to assist you.


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