5 Most Disliked Videos On Youtube 2019
5 Most Disliked Videos On Youtube 2019

Look at the 5 Most Disliked Videos on Youtube 2019 that are there because of so many reasons that you may surely want to try to check what limits people can go for that. So have a look at these videos below.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]outube is the huge online library for all the people around the world where anyone can post and update their self-made videos. These videos are thereafter available for access to everyone in the world. Out of those people who view the videos, they are given the options to either like or dislike the videos. Now the results vary vastly based on the quality of the video and the number of views, some could get huge votes for likes while some could get the huge votes for dislike. People are crazy to know about which of the video on the youtube got the most number of likes yet we are here with some different concept. We are to disclose the videos on the youtube that have got an extensive number of dislikes throughout the year 2019. Here in this article, we have listed all those 5 most disliked videos on the youtube. If you are interested to know about those videos then you can get the info regarding them on this page. Just skip to the main section of this page and start to read about those videos.

This article was written because one of our readers told me to get such things on the site so that user can be aware of such stuff over the internet. So I researched on the Youtube for these videos and that was quite shocking, So I really decided to write one article to share these videos with you so that you can also watch them out.

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5 Most Disliked Videos on Youtube 2019

Below are the videos that I selected as I researched a lot for them and finally got the ones that got most dislikes on it. So have a look at this video below. We have added these videos just for the informational purposes and not for any promotional purpose so there is no need to share and like these videos as I just added them for your reference.

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#1 Friday by Rebecca Black

The song by Rebecca Black that got the huge number of dislikes crossing about 3 million votes. The weird tone of the song makes it the number one on the list of most disliked videos on youtube 2019.

#2 Baby, by Justin Bieber

Most famous song by the Justin Beiber, it got almost 3 million dislikes. You might get shocked to know this but it is true that this song is disliked the most. But it is all compared to the number of views, it has the innumerable views by the people throughout the world.

#3 Gangnam Style by Psy

One of the most famous videos on the internet, you will be surprised to know that it got almost 1.5 million dislikes. This makes it to the list of most disliked videos on youtube.

#4 Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

This is the video of the trailer for the game based story. The dislike rate of this video has crossed over million!

#5 Strong by Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry released an advertisement before the elections for U.S president, the people gave a hard interest in it and therefore provided it with almost million number of likes.

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Finally, after reading this post you have got to know about the 5 most disliked videos on the youtube 2019. We have done a lot of research for finding these most disliked videos and hopefully you would have liked this information. The short overview of the posts is given aside to the listed ones so that you can get to know about those videos. Eventually, if you will be liking this post then please share it with others too. Do share your opinions and suggestions regarding the post through using the comments section below. At last never the least thanks for reading this post.


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