Those days were gone when you had to invest in a computer, DSLR, and premium video editing software to create engaging videos. These days, you can create amazing YouTube videos from your smartphone.

These days, you can record Full HD videos at a high frame rate with your iPhone. And you can even edit them from your iPhone. You only need a decent iPhone video editing app to create engaging YouTube videos.

15 Best YouTube Video Editors for iPhone

Hence, if you are an iPhone user and want to create your first YouTube video, this post is just for you. Here, we have listed a few best iPhone video editing apps to help you create perfect YouTube videos without investing hundreds of dollars in premium video editing suites. Let’s check out the best YouTube video maker apps.

1. GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik is one of the best vlog editors for iPhone, available on the Apple app store. You can use this app to control the camera if you have a GoPro Camera. For example, GoPro Quik can remotely control the GoPro features, preview shots, and transfer content.

You can use this app to edit your videos if you don’t have a GoPro camera. The app features powerful editing tools that can transform your videos in no time. Overall, GoPro Quik is a great video editing app for iPhone.

2. PowerDirector


PowerDirector is a full-featured video editing and video maker app for iPhone that provides many video editing tools. You can use it to create professional-type YouTube videos in just a few seconds.

Guess what? PowerDirector has tools for every video editing tool. You can use it to trim your videos, adjust the colors & brightness, apply effects and filters, add text or animated titles, add voiceovers, and more.

While most of the features were available in the free version of PowerDirector, you need to make an in-app purchase if you want to unlock all.

3. Splice


If you are looking for a free YouTube video editor for iPhone that matches your creative mind, then you must try Splice. Splice is a great video editing app for iPhone that can help you create professional-looking videos for your YouTube channel.

Splice has almost everything you need to properly edit or create a fantastic video. It brings powerful editing tools for trimming, cutting, merging video clips, adding an overlay of videos, removing the background with the Chroma key, and more.

Apart from that, Splice also brings 6000+ royalty-free tracks from Artists and Shutterstock libraries that you can use on your videos. Overall, Splice is a great YouTube video-maker app that you shouldn’t miss.

4. KineMaster


KineMaster is a free and simple-to-use YouTube video creator app for iPhone. This makes video editing fun on your iPhone as it lets you use many powerful tools, downloadable assets, and more.

KineMaster offers you many useful video editing features like adding music to videos, voiceovers, sound effects, and voice changes. You can add transitions, effects, stickers, fonts, and animations to your videos with KineMaster.

It also brings tools to cut, splice, and crop videos, adjust colors, uses equalizer presets, and more.

5. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro

If you want professional-grade video editing on your iPhone, try Filmmaker Pro. Compared to other video editing apps for YouTube, Filmmaker Pro provides more advanced tools like green screen editing, video grading, audio ducking, motion tracking, and more.

Apart from video editing, Filmmaker Pro also provides a few audio features. It provides you with many royalty-free music tracks that you can use on your videos, adjust the audio track playback speed, control the audio volume, and more.

6. InShot


InShot is possibly the best YouTube video creator app for iPhone. The app is mainly used by social media content creators to create engaging videos for their audience.

Regarding YouTube video editing, InShot can be used to cut/trim a video, cut the middle part of a video, merge two clips together, adjust the video speed, apply music & effects to the videos, and more.

Apart from that, InShot even allows you to add text, emojis, filters, and effects to your YouTube videos. Overall, InShot is a great YouTube video editor for iPhone.

7. VideoShow


VideoShow is a top-rated YouTube video editing app for iPhone that offers you a variety of tools & effects. The app provides templates for all social network & video sharing platforms.

You just need to pick the template and start editing it. While editing your YouTube videos, you can apply transitions, filters, soundtracks, and other elements to your videos.

The only drawback of VideoShow is that it isn’t completely free and doesn’t allow you to export videos in 1080p in the free version.

8. Magisto


Magisto from Vimeo is a top-rated video editor and maker app on the Apple app store. To start creating your YouTube video, select the layout and import your video.

After importing your video, you can edit it the way you want. The app offers various video editing tools like transitions, effects, filters, color grading, and more.

The premium version of Magisto unlocks exclusive styles and templates, full HD iStock video clips, customizable colors and fonts, and free access to Vimeo Pro.

9. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is an iPhone video editing app that provides cutting-edge features like color correction, speed adjustment, customizable animated titles, and more.

Regarding the basic video editing features, Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to trim and crop videos, flip and mirror video clips, and add stickers, overlays, filters, transitions, and effects to your videos.

The premium version of Adobe Premiere Rush also unlocks an advanced audio tool that uses Adobe Sensei AI for sound balancing and auto-ducking. Overall, Adobe Premiere Rush is a great YouTube video editing app for iPhone.

10. VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor

Every list of video editing apps is incomplete with the VN Video Editor. You can use VN Video Editor to create videos for YouTube and other social networking and video-sharing apps such as Instagram, TikTok, etc.

The app also offers excellent features like the green screen/chroma key that changes your background. You can also use the app to cut, trim, merge, add a soundtrack, adjust colors, and apply transition/filters/effects to your YouTube videos.

11. CapCut


CapCut is a full-fledged video editing app for iPhone with all the features you will need to edit your YouTube videos.

While CapCut doesn’t claim to be a YouTube video editor, it still has all the editing functions you may need to improve your video content.

Apart from basic video editing, CapCut provides a few free advanced features such as slow-motion, chroma key, video stabilization, keyframe animation, etc.

12. Filmora


Filmora is the ultimate movie-making app for iPhone that provides tons of features to help you become more creative.

This YouTube video editor can trim videos, add music, transition effects, text, emojis, filters, etc.

The timeline-based video editor of Filmora is extremely easy to use, which makes video editing a breeze. After editing your video, you also get a direct option to share it on YouTube.

13. Pocket Video Editor & Maker

Pocket Video Editor & Maker

Pocket Video Editor & Maker is for those who want a no-fuss video editing app for social media and video sites. You can use it to create eye-catching videos for your YouTube vlogs, Instagram Stories, Facebook videos, etc.

The app allows you to create, shoot, and edit your favorite videos. The app has all the basic & advanced video editing tools you may need, allowing you to render HD videos.

14. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

If you want a multi-purpose photo & video editing app for iPhone, look no other than VSCO: Photo & Video Editor. It’s a very useful app for iPhone that offers creative photo & video editing tools.

The video editor of VSCO is less talked about, but it does bring many premium video templates & advanced editing tools.

With its advanced tools, you can easily adjust the white balance and experiment with color control with HSL. Not only that, you can easily create short video GIFs as well.

15. Videoshop


Videoshop is a free video editing app for iPhone that offers many useful editing tools, filters, and video effects. Basically, the app offers you almost everything you would ever need to create unique YouTube videos.

You get amazing features with Videoshop, like trimming unwanted moments from a video, adding music, adding custom sound effects, adjusting the video playback speed, adding filters & transition effects, etc.

The video editor app for iPhone also provides an option to freeze any moment in the video, apply illusionary effects, etc. Its latest version also has green screen features.

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So, these are some of the best free YouTube video editing apps for iPhone. Almost all apps in the article were free and available on the Apple app store. If you want to suggest any other YouTube video editor for iOS, let us know in the comments below.


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