4 Hackers Trace ISIS Twitter Accounts Linked With UK Government
4 Hackers Trace ISIS Twitter Accounts Linked With UK Government

InShortViral: The hackers continue in the search for more ISIS Twitter accounts which linked with UK Government, the UK Government officials said back in October this year the UK sold some of the IP to Saudi Arabian firms some of those IP is using by ISIS.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]inding the accounts of transnational terrorist supporting Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as easy as turning the palm of the hand. They actively disseminate propaganda in social media such as Twitter and Facebook. They also have websites that are continuing to report current conditions of Iraq and Syria. For example in Indonesia. Although ISIS has been officially banned by the government, but the worshipers of ISIS still exist.

Various acts of terror groups inevitably led to resistance from various parties. Including a group of hackers. Anonymous for example. The hacker group has declared war on ISIS, and he said, thousands of supporters ISIS account has been successfully hacked.

4 Hackers Trace ISIS Twitter Accounts Linked With UK Government

But there are interesting facts been disclosed recently. VandaSec hacker group, which also managed to hack, claiming that the accounts ISIS supporters in social media run out of IP addresses connected to the Department of Labor and Pensions (DWP) English.

The group fronted by four young people who are experts in the field of computers found evidence of at least three supporting ISIS tracked account, is owned by DWP offices, in London. Each login account either from a computer or smartphone, using the IP address. The hacker showed Miror.uk IP addresses used by the IS it to access your Twitter account. Then, accounts are used for propaganda and recruitment of prospective jihadists online.

At first glance, it seems the IP address based in Saudi Arabia. However, after further investigation by using a special device, it turns the IP addresses belonging to the DWP offices.

“Do not you think that it looks odd? We keep track of the IP addresses it turns out there in London, which is the “home” of the British intelligence services, “said the hacker, as reported Miror.uk,

Cabinet Office spokesman said

The government has millions of IP addresses that are not in use, and then we sell to get reciprocity, for the sake of the taxpayers who have worked hard. We have sold the IP addresses in large numbers, either to companies in the UK and abroad, which allow their customers to connect to the Internet. We have thought well to the company where we sell, but how their customers use it, it’s beyond our control.

Apparently, the British government sold large amounts of IP addresses to the two companies of Saudi Arabia. After the transaction is completed in October this year, then used by extremists to spread messages of hate.

Although the DWP denied that they are the owners of the IP addresses, but Jamie Turner, an expert of the PCA Predict find sales records IP addresses, including those sold to Saudi Arabia in October.