InShortViral: Twitter user has disclosed the trick to get ASCII art of your photos in Facebook and Instagram.

Today you will see something different here that you never knew about Facebook and Instagram. Whenever image is uploaded to these sites, it gets automatically converted into ASCII art versions. In other words we can say that they are automatically creating ASCII Art Version of those photos you upload.

Facebook and Instagram are Making hidden ASCII art with your pictures

This trick was first found on Twitter, posted by Mathias Bynens. However, it is doubtful that why is Facebook and Instagram doing this.

In order to check this trick, you have to locate the URL of the image on Facebook or Instagram. You need to copy the Image URL and paste that URL in the address bar. After that you need to add .html at the end of the image URL. Press Enter  to get a color ASCII version or simply .txt for black and white version.

Kindly keep in mind that you can view ASCII art of image only when image’s privacy is public. Now see below how can you see ASCII art version of image on Instagram and Facebook.

To view ASCII Art on Facebook

First of all open the image that you uploaded and right click on it to get the copy of its image URL. After that paste the copied Image URL in the address bar and then add .txt or .html for color version. Enter .html after the . jpg and press the enter key.

To view ASCII Art on Instagram

In Facebook you get image URL easily, however in Instagram it is hectic task because you cant get image URL by right clicking on the image. However, you need to view the image in your browser and right click on image and view its page source. Now you see page source, if you are still getting difficulty in finding your image URL by page source, just use find in feature (Ctrl + F) and write .jpg to get your Instagram photo URL. When you find your photo’s URL by this method, it will be direct image URL for your image and after that add .txt or .html at the end of the image URL to get your photo viewed in ASCII art.

Click Here to check ASCII version of below image

Instagram ASCII Art
Instagram ASCII Art

However some people are claiming that they are not getting ASCII version of their images, but it works for the most images. So check it out now and share it with your friends. Leave your comments below for any questions regarding this post.