Download Facetune APK
Download Facetune APK

Facetune APK is a complete photo editing app that has plenty of tools to achieve the perfect result you were looking for. Actually, this is a complete photo editing app that has plenty of tools to achieve the perfect result you were looking for.

Download Facetune APK Latest Version For Android

If we look around, we will find that now almost everyone uses a smartphone and everyone is crazy about taking selfies. Phones nowadays come up with a powerful camera which is no less than DSLR. Every smartphone user love to click selfies of their own and share it on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc.

If we take a look at Android’s Google Play Store, there are lots of apps available which not only claims to enhance your selfie quality, it can also improve your shooting skills. Well, as we already mentioned there are lots of apps available on Google Play Store, and having so many choices can actually confuse people.

Therefore, to sort out this issue we are going to explore an awesome app known as Facetune Apk. Facetune for Android is one of the best apps which you can have to enhance to look of your images. So, let’s explore everything about Facetune Apk.

What Is Facetune APK?

What Is Facetune APK?

If you love to click selfies on your Android smartphone, then Facetune Apk could be a paradise for you. Facetune Apk provides easy-to-use, powerful tools to retouch and perfect every photo or selfie.

With the help of Facetune for Android, you can remove blemishes and dark circles easily. Actually, this is a complete photo editing app that has plenty of tools to achieve the perfect result you were looking for. You just need to select your preferred pictures and try all the available tools to make your face brighter, remove those annoying spots, and stand out whatever details you find beautiful.

In short, Facetune provides easy-to-use, powerful tools that are reserved only for the pros to retouch and perfect every photo or selfie, making each one look as it came straight out of a high-fashion magazine.



Now that you are fully aware of Facetune Apk, it’s time to take a look at some of the features. Well, apart from just providing photo editing tools, the app also does lots more things that we are going to discuss below.

  • Facetune Apk helps a user to widen or refine their smile. The app features a user-friendly teeth whitening tool.
  • With the help of Facetune Apk, you can smooth and rejuvenate your skin, brighten dark circles under your eyes like concealer, remove blemishes, and more.
  • You can also use this app to emphasize your eyes for a penetrating gaze, change your eye color, remove red and white-eye effects, and more.
  • The app also features some face reshape tools which can do tasks like Reshape or refine jawlines, heighten cheekbones and brows, give your face enhanced definition, and more
  • Facetune Apk also allows a user to apply any shade of blush and eyeshadow, add volume to your lashes and shape your brows, and more
  • It can enhance your selfie photos like it can focus the photo on you, improve lighting or add special effects, add unique textures, and more
  • This is the only photo editor with customizable filters that can be applied to the entire photo or to specific areas.
  • You can also use Facetune Apk to add artistic touches to make your photo your own.
  • Facetune Apk can instantly share your edited photos with your friends & family through social media or e-mail

Steps To Download & Install Facetune APK on Android

Well, we have just now discussed Facetune Apk and its features. Now that you have made your mind to enjoy this awesome photo editing app on your Android smartphone, let’s proceed with the installation steps. The installation part is going to be the easy one, however, make sure to follow each and every step systematically to avoid any issues.

Step 1. First of all, visit Apkmirror and Search for “Facetune APK”.

Step 2. After downloading the app, you need to enable the unknown sources, for that you need to visit Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

Step 3. Now you need to locate the folder where you have saved the Facetune APK, and then install it just like other apps.

Facetune APK

Step 4. After the installation. open the app and then select your picture and start adding different effects.

Facetune APK download

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can download and install Facetune Apk on your Android smartphone.

So, we have shared the latest version of Facetune which you can download from the download section of the article. Well, the app is already available on Google Play Store. However, if you feel that the given link is no more active then make sure to remind us in the comment box. You just need to download and install Facetune Apk 2019 on your Android device from the above download section and you are ready to go.

We have also mentioned one of the easiest ways to download and install Facetune Apk on your Android smartphone. However, if you are still facing any issue at any of the mentioned steps, make sure to discuss it with us in the comment box below.


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