'Prey' Release Date & Time Where To Watch It Online
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“Prey,” the action-thriller, is a long movie based on the adventures of a young, trained warrior who risks everything to protect her camp.

When an unknown enemy threatens her community, she sets out to locate the threat before it has a chance to impact her home.

Prey will officially be released on August 5, 2022, and will be the first feature film in the franchise released via streaming on Hulu.

Prey: Where To Watch It Online?

Prey will be released on Hulu by 20th Century Studios. You can also experience it in the theaters.

The first teaser shows a young woman who has decided to run out of the deep jungle, but she doesn’t get very far before encountering another lady who has her take cover.

The movie takes place in space and focuses on a young woman named Naru who grew up among the Comanche people. Naru is a hunter who one day decides to go on an adventure and encounters a mysterious threat endangering her people.

She does not realize this threat is a foolish and clumsy extraterrestrial. It’s called Yautja, who loves ruining other people’s plans or stealing their stuff.

Jhane Meyers and John Davis directed the film Prey. It will serve as the fifth big-screen entry in the franchise.